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Tips for Getting Credit Online

by Katherine Lewis

If you are having trouble with your credit, then you may want to consider getting a personal loan, but is that really a good idea? It depends on a few different factors. You can get a bad credit personal loan, but you have to be aware of the risks.

First off, it's important to note that many people get personal loans just because they want them. They feel like they need it to get by and don't really care what happens to it after they are done paying for it. This isn't a wise move at all, especially if you want to be in the position that you need to be.

Request a credit online

Then you can always go to a lender and ask them for a secured loan. They will give you the money based on the security of your car or home as collateral. This will work to your advantage because they will be less likely to charge you very high interest rates.

Another way to get a loan quickly with bad credit is to contact a local credit union and ask them for a loan. Even if you have bad credit, many credit unions are happy to provide you with some financial aid. If they cannot help, then you should look online for this quote from a bad credit personal loans guaranteed approval direct lenders.

Remember, having a bad credit report is not necessarily the end of the world. With some work and the right guidance, you can get back on track and build up your credit history again.

Most loans on this type of basis will come with a very high interest rate

You may think that you can get away with paying a low interest rate when you first start out, but it won't last long. It will turn into a higher interest rate after a few months of poor payments, and this means that you will be stuck paying for a longer period of time than you intended to. In most cases, a few years is more than enough to see a person getting themselves into serious trouble.

On the other hand, getting a loan for a short amount of money can be very useful. Especially when you need the money right away, then getting a loan can be a good option.

When considering taking out a personal loan, it's important to think about how much debt you actually have on your credit report. If you don't know exactly how much you owe, then you are going to have a hard time finding any lenders willing to lend you money.

Who can get consumer credit?

by Katherine Lewis
Consumer credit is financing granted by a bank or other lending institution to an individual for purchases of goods or services. However, this credit is not available to everyone. Credit rules are imposed by creditors. Explanations.

Conditions for taking out consumer credit

Conditions for taking out consumer credit To take out a consumer credit, you must: be of full age, receive stable income, reside in France, not be registered in the national file of payment incidents of the Cream Bank. This last restriction is intended to avoid cases of over-indebtedness. More concretely, the lender will attach particular importance to the age of the borrower. Indeed, a borrower who is too young appears less solvent in the eyes of analysts, in particular because of the professional instability linked to this age group. An overly aged borrower, on the other hand, is considered to be at risk by the bank. In general, people with stable incomes, with an acceptable level of savings and a certain family stability represent the standard profile of a consumer credit underwriter.

How to take out consumer credit?

How to take out consumer credit? Taking out a mortgage is a strictly regulated action. Before signing his credit contract, the borrower must complete an information sheet indicating his family and professional situation, his possible current loans. This information is the subject of a declaration on honor. If the amount of the credit exceeds 3,000 dollars, the borrower must provide supporting documents (pay slips, tax notices, etc.). This sheet allows the lender to determine the type of financing most suited to the applicant's situation. When his loan request is accepted, the borrower receives a prior offer of credit valid for 15 days from its delivery or its sending. The offer indicates the amount of the credit, its purpose, its rate, its duration, the cost, the APR as well as the repayment terms. The terms of the proposal cannot be changed during this 15 day period. Once the credit offer has been accepted and then signed, the borrower has a withdrawal period of 14 calendar days. This period is 3 days in the event of immediate delivery of goods purchased with an assigned credit. It is possible to be accompanied in these steps by going through a specialized banking intermediary.

Is Bad Credit Payday Loans An Option?

by Katherine Lewis
You may be hearing a lot about payday loans for bad credit, but what do they really mean and are they really an option for you? Well, the short answer is that you can get a loan, but it will come with a lot of risk.

Do not offer credit cards

Do not offer credit cards  I know this sounds contradictory, but most lenders do not offer credit cards because they don't like to take on all the risk. Credit cards are a simple way to build up your own credit history and help build your credit score, but they are not considered a form of borrowing and therefore are rarely offered to those with bad credit. If they were, they would be a very good thing to use. The truth is that payday lenders are much more conservative when it comes to those with a bad credit history. For them, it's all about building a solid, long-term relationship with a borrower. It should be noted that even those with bad credit payday loans will generally have to pay fees and interest on a regular basis. This is the reason you should not spend any more than you can afford to pay back.

Being able to show a monthly income

Being able to show a monthly income Since the key to getting a payday loan for bad credit is being able to show a monthly income that is higher than the amount of loan you are asking for, it stands to reason that people with a bad credit history will end up paying more in interest than those with perfect credit. What this means is that you want to make sure that you only borrow what you can comfortably repay. Once you've been approved for the loan, you will have a certain period of time to pay it back. Of course, you need to realize that if you do not make your payment on time, you may also lose the money you borrowed, so it's important to take every precaution possible to make sure that you pay the loan back as agreed. You may also find that with bad credit payday loans that you are required to use a certain percentage of your salary as collateral against the loan. It is often the case that the loan will end up costing a percentage of your salary if you default, so it is imperative that you make sure that you can make your payments on time each month.

Risking losing a decent amount of money

Risking losing a decent amount of money It's important to keep in mind that there are some bad credit payday loans out there that offer the borrower a rate of interest that is much higher than a normal credit card rate. Since it is going to cost you money, you are likely to be tempted to go ahead and take the loan. Keep in mind that if you go this route, you are risking losing a decent amount of money without any return. Since the interest rates will be significantly higher than the traditional credit card rate, you might also end up paying double or triple what you would normally pay. Now, there are some payday loans for bad credit that offer much lower interest rates than what you would normally see with a standard credit card. However, you still want to be sure that you understand what your payment options are going to be before you take the loan.

Need to be paid back within a specific time frame

Need to be paid back within a specific time frame Be aware that bad credit payday loans will most likely need to be paid back within a specific time frame. Therefore, it is important to be organized and understand how much money you are going to have to pay back, and to make sure that you keep track of this information. The truth is that there are payday loans for bad credit out there. As long as you keep in mind that these are loans that come with a lot of risk, you can end up with a loan that could prove to be beneficial.

Credit specialists must have a proficiency test. Will the quality of loans improve?

by Katherine Lewis

Until recently, virtually anyone could offer loans and credits. However, the new Act on Consumer Credit brought, in addition to the frequently mentioned measures strengthening the position of clients, also stricter conditions for the activities of credit advisors.

They have several months to prove their professional competence by passing an examination organized by the Good Finance Bank. According to experts, it is not a scarecrow for the counselors, as it initially seemed.

However, they agree that this is a step in the right direction. Passing the professional exam will soon be necessary for other areas.

What the amendment brought

As of 1 December 2016, a new Consumer Credit Act came into force, bringing a number of changes to the market for maximum client protection.

“First of all, the Consumer Credit Act introduced relatively stringent criteria for lenders and credit intermediaries, which significantly cleared the market.

Other measures, such as the regulation of sanctions for extraordinary repayments or sanctions for late repayment, significantly strengthen the position of consumers, ” says Sean Cole, marketing manager of the Czech company Good Finance, which provides fast and secure consumer loans.

However, another significant change regarding the competence of all credit specialists is somewhat off the spot. They were obliged to pass an examination of professional competence within 42 months of the effective date of the Act.

The errors did not avoid the test


The exam is mandatory for all financial advisors, credit intermediaries, providers, sellers, and distributors of credit products who are currently 30 months (until May 2019) to pass the exam. Testing has been in progress since April, so the level of tests and their benefits can be evaluated.

Selected companies from the industry participated in the preparation of questions, but experts point out the error rate. “Because questions were prepared by people with different faculties of thought and expression, with different professional histories, the result is inconsistent in some respects.

Most of the questions are correct, but there are still some questions wrong, confused, badly stylized, and so on, ” says Sean Cole, product manager at Gepard Finance, who also participated in the exam at the Mortgage Brokers Association. “Initially, the database of questions suffered from a higher error rate because there was relatively little time to set them up.

However, the errors are being gradually corrected and in December a new version of the database of questions based on the 3rd update will appear at the examinations, ” says Joshua Volek, EFPA Professional Exam Board member accredited by the GFI for organizing proficiency tests. to fix bugs in issues.

Other financial sectors will also be avoided


However, other areas of the financial market are gradually regulated in the same spirit. “Before the Consumer Credit Act, the new model of professional examinations was introduced as the first in 2011 for the Supplementary Pension Savings Act.

New expert examinations are currently being introduced by an amendment to the Capital Market Undertakings Act with effect from 3 January 2018, ” notes Sean Cole, Chief Financial Officer of the Ramfin financial group, adding that professional qualifications based on new examinations do not yet apply to insurance .

In this area, however, the four expert sectoral examinations will supplement the new Insurance and Reinsurance Act. “According to GFI sources, work on the relevant decree has already begun.

Thus, we will not be able to avoid professional competence in any area within two years, ” concludes Petr Volek.

Offset mortgage: savings mortgage

by Katherine Lewis
Offset mortgages have been common in the world for almost two decades. We have the first swallows with this offer. Do you know what this is about and how such a mortgage will help you save money? So read on.

Parents can also help you get a better mortgage.

It is common practice that you save money before buying a property, then after comparing all the offers, you apply for the most advantageous mortgage, enjoy your new home and pay the installment with interest every month. However, there is a novelty in our market that can reduce your interest rates to a record low. We are talking about the so-called offset mortgage. An offset mortgage combines the benefits of savings and a mortgage loan.

How does an offset mortgage work?

How does an offset mortgage work? The principle of such a loan is very simple, we will show it on the current example of a mortgage. As we have already mentioned, an offset mortgage is a combination of a regular mortgage loan and a savings. At the bank, you will take out a mortgage with a standard interest rate - which, however, is usually slightly higher than the competitive offers on ordinary mortgages. At the same time, however, you will open a savings account in the same bank, on which you will save your savings. These will reduce the interest rate of the loan by the percentage ratio between savings and the amount of the mortgage drawn.

The money you want to keep as a financial reserve can reduce your mortgage interest by up to half.

What does this mean in ordinary speech? You pay interest only on the part of the debt that exceeds the savings. If you borrow 100 thousand and get a basic interest rate of say 1.5%, all you have to do is have 50 thousand dollars in your savings accounts and your mortgage interest will be reduced to 0.75%. And that is already a significant saving of money. In the case of this offer, it is currently possible  to link up to 5 different savings accounts to one loan. The bank then takes into account the entire amount you save - for each of your children or contributions from your parents. With money in savings accounts, you can handle as much as you need. Of course, interest rates are regularly reassessed based on your amount saved.

Who is the offset mortgage for?

Who is the offset mortgage for? Wondering who this offer is for? That if you had saved 50,000, would you rather invest them directly in buying real estate and take out a lower mortgage? See the following examples. For whom are offset mortgages advantageous:
  • parents who save their children in savings accounts and do not plan to withdraw money so soon
  • Entrepreneurs who have the money but do not currently plan to invest, so they save the money in a savings account
  • anyone who has saved money but wants to keep it as a financial reserve and does not plan to use it to finance the property
  • young families whose parents or loved ones want to help reduce interest rates - all you have to do is save money on an account linked to a credit  

Saving for your offspring can reduce your mortgage interest.

Tip: Credit and savings accounts are not directly linked to an offset mortgage, the owner of the saved cash does not even have to be related to the borrower. In addition, he can withdraw money at any time and dispose of it as he needs. An offset mortgage is a pleasant diversification of the market offer for some those interested in a housing loan. If you are not interested and you are looking for ways to choose the most advantageous mortgage, calculate it using our hypocalculator.

Retirement Loans: loans that offered to a group of people of retirement age

by Katherine Lewis
Loans are offered to students, the unemployed and the employed, but are also offered to a group of people of retirement age as standard. Loans for pensioners are a very widespread and flexible product from the offer of the banking and non-banking sectors. If you are applying for a bank loan, you should know that the main criterion for an applicant's approval is his or her age. Banks have a limited range of products for people under a certain age. People of older retirement age are risky clients, so you often do not go to the bank to apply for a loan. Therefore, in such a case, contact a non-banking entity .

If you apply for a bank loan

In the non-banking sector, they have no problem with age because they do not verify your ability to repay. You usually only need an identity card to process a loan. As always, of course, there is the risk of higher interest rates and higher loan processing fees. So think again about whether you will be able to repay the borrowed money with interest. You will need two of your identity documents , which you normally carry with you. It would certainly be more advantageous for you if you attached the pension documents to your loan application. This way, the lender can assess the amount they will lend as well as the amount of repayments you would repay.

Pension loans are very risky

Pension loans are very risky From a creditors' point of view, a loan for pensioners is very risky in many respects. Therefore, you will certainly be offered many support means, which serve to protect the client in case of a problem to repay, and also protects the bank from late repayment of the loan. As a follow-up product, you will be advised to take out insurance in the event of death, disability or loss of income . Of course, each case is judged individually, and these products will also be offered to you according to your specific situation. Retirement loans are tailored to be case-by-case, and banks will do their best to suit you as much as possible. In case of older age, you can still apply for a loan from a non-banking entity .

Loans without credit check

by Katherine Lewis
A loan without a credit check is much easier to obtain these days than it was a few years ago. It is made possible above all by credit intermediaries and various online offers. But banks are still lagging behind this trend, which is perhaps not as stupid due to the indebtedness of many countries where this problem is not dealt with as it is in Germany.

Why doesn't the loan work without a credit check at the bank in Germany?

Why doesn A bank is nothing more than a company that is focused on profit. Any loan that may have difficulty repaying is a risky business. As banks try to minimize this risk, they do not have a loan without a credit check. A German bank therefore checks the loan applicants very carefully. In addition to bank information, which is a must especially for the self-employed and freelancers, a Credit Bureau information and precise information about the assets of the loan applicant is therefore necessary. For freelancers and the self-employed, the income fluctuates widely. That is why the banks try to precisely classify and evaluate the applicant's financial basis. Only when the account situation of freelancers and the self-employed have been fully examined, is there a chance of a loan. The Credit Bureau information, however, must be submitted by everyone, regardless of whether they are employees or freelancers. A loan from a bank is only possible with a positive credit rating. Anyone who cannot show this is too high a risk for the bank and is immediately rejected.

Then how is the loan possible without a credit check

Then how is the loan possible without a credit check There are different ways to get the loan without a credit check. Various lenders bustle in rows on the Internet. These are either private investors or foreign credit institutions. Fine bank in particular tend to take more risks and grant so-called Swiss loans, for which no credit check or Credit Bureau information is necessary. However, these loans are only possible up to a certain loan amount. If you want to go another way, you can secure a mini loan or a loan on one thing. The loan for a thing sounds a lot more than it actually is. Basically, all financing, for example for a car or a refrigerator, is a loan. For these things, but especially for things that do not have a high monetary value, the credit check is usually not necessary because the items can be recovered in the event of payment defaults and the real value is available again. For larger purchases, such as a car, you should make a high down payment to avoid the credit check. Many car dealers will do without the credit check and grant a loan without a credit check.

How does the loan work without a credit check?

How does the loan work without a credit check? A loan without a credit check is the same as a normal loan. You get a certain amount of money and pay it back in a certain period of time. You have a certain interest rate and corresponding repayment rates. The various modalities should be set out in writing in a loan contract in order to regulate special repayments and other eventualities. This is the only way to protect yourself against legal disputes on both sides. If you follow this principle and have a regular income, you simply get a loan.

Identity card loan – where to get it?

by Katherine Lewis
The advertising channels, from advertisements in regional newspapers to websites, are full of offers with "ID card loans". The very name of the credit product is very attractive, because it raises the consumer's expectation that it is a very easy and quick loan. That is, one in which there is no need to document anything, no one will verify you anywhere, no one will be interested in what you will use the borrowed money for and all you have to do is present a valid identity card. You can find out whether this is really the case or the reality is a bit more complicated in the following lines. At the outset, things need to be put right: the phrase 'ID card loan' is not even the official name of a particular credit product. Rather, it is a promotional name, a kind of "hook", bait for potential clients who are looking for an express loan with as little bureaucracy as possible and a simplified and fast approval process. At the same time, the loan for an identity card actually hides several credit products, both for banks and non-banknotes, which have a common denominator in that it is sufficient to present an identity card to process them. However, this is not always and everywhere the whole truth. It may sound a little confusing now, but we'll turn it into small ones right away and explain.

To the bank only with civic?

Even some banks currently offer products for which - and this is mentioned in ubiquitous advertising - it is enough to present only an identity card for processing and approval. The catch is that if you visited the bank of your choice and wanted to arrange such a quick and convenient loan, you would find that in order to get the money, you have to meet certain conditions. The most basic thing, without which you will not move at all with this type of loan, is that you must have a current account with a bank . If you are not a client of the bank in this sense, they will not discuss with you either. But that's not all. You must have a regular salary from your employer for a certain period (usually 6 months, but for some banks even a year) to the account you have in the bank . Alternatively, if you are a self-employed person (entrepreneur, self-employed), you must come here to pay invoices from your customers. So if you thought that you would arrange a loan at the bank in which no one will be interested in your income or previous credit discipline, and you are just waving a citizen and approving your loan without difficulty, you are wrong. However, advertising can sometimes evoke opposite feelings and expectations. Banks often claim in advertisements that it is a loan "without the need to prove income", but the fact is that although you do not have to present them with any paper for this purpose, it is only because they see your income and expenses as a tray on based on the turnover in your bank account . If you meet the above conditions - that you are a client of the bank and you have money on your account - you will really only need an identity card to arrange a "quick", "flexi" or "express" loan. But whether they will knock out your loan, or up to what maximum amount, will depend on whether the bank evaluates you as a solvent and creditworthy client based on your income and expenses . And also from whether you do not have a negative entry in the credit register. Remember that banks focus on solvent and disciplined clients. Sometimes they can also take a certain risk, but their limits are set quite strictly in this direction! If they evaluate you as too risky a client, you may eventually get a loan, but with a higher interest rate. However, if they label you as a "creditworthy client", the result is clear from the name: you can forget about the necessary financial injection! So when it comes to banks, we cannot talk about 'pure-blooded' ID card loans. But now let's ask the question: do they exist at all? Non-purpose loans where the creditor will not check you and will not be interested in your income, which for some reason you do not want to reveal? You may not be pleased with the answer either, because it is vague: yes, no! We will explain why we cannot give you a clear answer in the following lines.

What about installment purchases?

We are already in the non-banking sector, because some non-bank companies are financing installment purchases. And hand on heart, they are among the largest advertisers, in which it is said that you only need an identity card to borrow money. Indeed, many installment companies today only require the presentation of an identity card without the need to document your income , so in this sense we can really speak of a "identity card loan" in a sense. However, this type of loan does not meet the condition of purposelessness , so it is not a loan in the sense that we will give you money and you can use it for whatever you want. Simply because the money that a non-banking company has released to you is minutes to buy specific goods. In addition, you must take into account that, although repayment companies will not require you to receive receipts, they will certainly see you in the credit registers . If you have not committed any significant "sins" in repaying other loans in the past, they will approve your installment purchase and pay the seller for the goods you have purchased. However, if your recordings are too "black", you may not be able to access the dream washing machine or TV in installments.

For a citizen? By phone, sms or online

Today, you can apply for an ID card loan from non-banking companies in basically three ways, each of which is very convenient and fast:
  • via sms
  • by phone
  • by Internet
The first type of loan that you arrange by sending an SMS message is also called loans . These are short-term microloans (their maturity is on average around 30 days), which are primarily intended to cover an acute shortage of funds, most often before disbursement. With this type of loan, the data from the identity card, which you enter during the initial registration on the Internet, will be enough for you. Subsequently, as a registered client, you can apply for a loan at any time by simply sending an SMS message from your mobile phone. You can also arrange a loan over the phone very quickly by contacting the operator of a non-banking company. You dictate the personal data from your ID card and wait for approval. The approval process is usually very quick and the operator will notify you of the result by calling back your phone number. If none of these forms of loan application suits you, the last, currently most popular form of loan application is possible - by filling out a simple online form on the Internet . Even with this type of loan, the data from your ID card will suffice for you and you have a chance to access the money without proving the amount of income, without looking at the registers and without proving the purpose for which you used them.

What guarantees must I present for a private equity loan?

by Katherine Lewis
Many banking clients have had to resort to private equity companies because they do not get the money they need from their financial institution, banks ask for too many requirements and sometimes they cannot be met, so it is necessary to look for other sources to obtain the liquidity that we need to meet our expenses, ultimately save the economy. Let's see what guarantees we must present for a private equity loan.

Private equity need a guarantee

Private equity need a guarantee The private equity loans that we offer in this company only need a guarantee of a real estate type or of any other kind; This means that the client can guarantee with any property that has enough value for us to provide the money they need. Art collections, vehicles, floors, etc. can be presented. Any good that has enough value is fit with the sole exception of jewelry. Our consumers can select the guarantee that best suits their personal circumstances and then we will grant them the amount of money that they have requested, they will obtain the liquidity in a very short period of time that is often less than 72 hours as long as we have received the necessary documents in our facilities. Thanks to these guarantees, the client selects the one that best suits him and we provide him with a quantity, this figure is in relation to the quality of the guarantee presented and that is why we recommend that they seek guarantees of the highest quality. As for real estate, to be real estate guarantees they must meet an essential condition, they must be totally free of charges and mortgages and flats, houses, premises, etc. may be valid. we do not accept plots or plots.

Advantages of the private equity loans

Advantages of the private equity loans These private equity loans have many advantages, including the fact that we grant money to people who are enrolled in delinquent lists such as Financial Credit Institution, those who do not have a monthly payroll also have the opportunity to get the liquidity they need to improve their situation. As we are in a company of private and private lenders, our professionals have the necessary knowledge to carry out many steps and procedures, this speeds up the process so that the user can obtain liquidity in the shortest possible time. We take care of all the aspects that we can and we never ask for money in advance, we can carry out the official appraisal of your home at an economic price. In addition to this, we give you many facilities because you can pay your installments in very comfortable installments, they are monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or even annually. Among other advantages, you can make an early cancellation with a 0% penalty as long as you have complied with us a minimum of one mandatory year. The security of these private capital loan operations is maximum, you can request money and feel fully safe because you are in a company that is regulated by the Ministry of Health and Consumption and all our activities comply with current legislation. These procedures are signed before a notary who vouches for what is revealed in the contract sheets, notarial signatures can be carried out anywhere in Spain so that it is not necessary for the client to travel or move to sign, we cover the entire national territory including the islands.

Guarantees need to be presented

Guarantees need to be presented The guarantees that must be presented for a private capital loan are of different types or types, since you can select the property that best suits you to get the money you need. What guarantees must I present for a private equity loan? Rate this page

Loan for up to 24 hours also for women on maternity leave

by Katherine Lewis
Dear mothers, you are currently taking care of a small child on maternity leave and, despite the happy moments, you feel pressure on your wallet . Nothing out of the ordinary, the parental allowance is not even enough to cover basic needs and not yet for children's equipment or room equipment. Although these expenses are one-off, they require financial assistance . The mother wants to give her child a standard in the material area and decides to look for ways to improve the standard of living. Applying for a loan thus becomes a real way to pay the necessary expenses. A loan is often the last way out of financial distress, which you can easily get on maternity leave. You don't even have to do much for it, this product is prepared so that you can handle everything quickly, easily and comfortably. Of course, the repayment calendar will be set up to meet your needs so that you can manage repayment. The money will arrive in your bank account immediately after approval, and how you deal with it is up to you.

A small but serious selection

A small but serious selection As a woman on maternity leave, you do not have many choices between products. You pose a high risk to banks, so you have to turn to non-bank types of loans. However, this is not a problem at all, non-banknotes take care of the client just as exemplary and bet on speed and responsibility in their approach to the client. Low loan amounts adequate to the child's financial requirements, setting ideal repayments and pointlessness are the main domain of these loans

You can easily arrange a loan

You can easily arrange a loan Yes, quite easily via the Internet and from the comfort of home! When caring for a child, you can certainly talk about the importance of dealing with things from home. There is a comparable difference between devoting yourself fully to a child at home and somewhere in a branch, where counselors or clients in a row are waiting. There are no opening hours on the Internet, the application can be filled in at any time, even at night, and you can playfully manage the process. Up to 1500 € on the account within 24 hours and the provider will take care of everything. Apply for it online with us, just fill out the form.

Time plays a major role

Time plays a major role A simple and quick online application makes it easier for mothers to have a busy daily program. The provider is aware that money is needed immediately and does not want to delay clients by meeting with a consultant. For lower amounts of money, you are not required to submit a purpose, which also does not take time. The loan within 24 hours is also appropriate thanks to this undemanding course. Feel free to ask for it this afternoon and start drawing money the next morning.

Proof of income?

For you, this poses no threat to the approval process. You regularly receive a parental allowance and this is a monthly income that you can prove with a confirmation. It is quite enough to obtain a loan, which also indicates wide availability. You will attach the proof of receipt of the contribution to an attachment with an identity card and an invoice confirming the address of permanent residence, and you have all the necessary documents solved without excessive paperwork.